RedHolt and writefully here we come

30 Nov 2023

Great news for all you ambitious leaders out there…

We’re officially in collaboration with RedHolt: an immersive global recruitment company that holds incredible insights and expert know-how for building stand-out CVs and personal profiles.

Our new winning formula: to help you blossom as a thought leader and RedHolt’s mastery in productising your professional brand.

writefully + RedHolt  = landing those high-profile jobs

Who is RedHolt?

Let’s give you a quick intro.

Their expertise lies in landing big-thinking, hard-working professionals dream jobs at mid-level to C-Suite. They operate globally meaning their recruitment and advisory services are suitable for individuals all over the world in a whole variety of sectors including Broadcast Media, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, and more.

productising is key

​Chris Redmond is RedHolt’s brilliant CEO, and he believes that productising yourself is crucial for landing your high-flying role. Productising is the method of turning your professional skills and knowledge into a sellable product that recruiters can’t help but buy into.

He has three main reasons why productising is so important:

  1. see how far you’ve come

The process of stepping outside of yourself and your career is a healthy and self-affirming experience. It allows you to appreciate exactly what you are and the values you offer at this point in your career. 

  • portray your ‘product’

Knowing exactly what you represent with a high degree of conviction means articulating yourself in a concise, confident and objective way – and not just in documentation like CVs and cover letters, but in interviews too.

  • be compelling

Instead of just assuming recruiters can read between the lines of your CV and know exactly what you’re about, productising sells yourself in a transparent and compelling way – ensuring that you’re getting your brand message across clearly. 

timing is everything 

“When you’re considering the next stage of your career, you should question your motivation around why you’re doing it. The reality is, you’ve built lots of equity into your career so it’s worth thinking about the crescendo moment that has made you crystalise the feeling in your head and heart that it’s the right time to move. About the amount of time and effort it’s going to take for you to actually initiate the next chapter.”

 Chris Redmond, RedHolt CEO

How can writefully help?

With RedHolt on our side, writefully’s team of storytellers can focus on crafting your voice and telling your story in an authentic and exciting way.

“Your personal brand is more than just a profile picture. It’s the embodiment of your ideas, your passions, your soul, and your skills as a professional. Add thought leadership to the mix and you’ll elevate your expert-rich brand to new levels of confidence – where your voice can be heard, loud and proud.”

Neil Sheth, writefully CEO

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