The 13 best marketing podcasts – listen, learn, subscribe, and share

19 Jan 2023

Pretty much every business person should be listening to podcasts in 2023. Especially budding marketers who are eager to learn more and feel inspired by fellow success stories. The best marketing podcasts are those that might make you laugh, cry – or most importantly teach you something that makes you press pause and think about your own dreams and ideas. 

But why listen to a marketing podcast when there’s plenty of bestselling books with solid advice? Well, the very nature of an episodic podcast has changed the way we can spend time listening to others tell valuable stories. Marketing podcasts give experts a chance to voice their opinions out loud, dish out masterful marketing tips, and simply have a good old chinwag about the careers they’ve worked so hard to succeed in. 

So, you should be tuning in to hear what advice the hosts and their guest speakers are giving you! It’s important that we marketers continue listening to and learning from each other. Professional success comes when we make bold choices and let our guards down as personable human beings – and there’s nothing more human than the art of open and honest conversation.

Let’s count down the 13 best marketing podcasts that writefully love to keep up with. Covering a broad range of specialist marketing topics, these podcast shows are both resourceful and entertaining – a winning formula of valuable infotainment that makes you, the listeners, actually perk your ears and learn from their opinions and pointers. 

Just make sure you subscribe and share these marketing podcasts too. They’re totally worth the rest of the world listening in. 


1. This Old Marketing

The hosts of ‘This Old Marketing’ podcast are Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two well-renowned marketing experts who certainly have a lot to say. They’re smart, witty, and have plenty of marketing knowledge and experience that you can learn from. 

Their content usually revolves around headlines, current affairs, and topical conversations about specific companies, events, or business players. Example episodes include ones like Clubhouse to Get Clubbed? and KFC Content Is Better than a Bucket of Chicken. They have a light-hearted take on marketing, which makes the show super easy-listening.

Generally their episodes aim to educate you on the latest content marketing trends and teach you how to improve the relationship your business has with its customers. They rant and rave, but they’re certainly well-informed and qualified in their opinions.

If you don’t learn something, you’ll at least have a chuckle.

Perfect for…a well-deserved Friday afternoon beer at the end of a hard-working week. 

Where can you subscribe? Browse their site here.

Highlight Episode: How Evil Is Facebook?


2. The Digital Marketing Podcast 

Produced by Target Internet, from a digital marketing brand that prides itself on giving easy, straightforward advice on all things marketing. This weekly podcast has listeners in over 180 countries around the world, so rest assured it’s full of well-rounded marketing advice that’ll come in handy.

Hosts Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers chat about the latest news in business and technology – touching on lots of practical marketing topics, including key techniques, trends, and strategies. 

This one’s for you if you’re up for quick 20 minute episodes, arriving each week. Rogers and Rowles make great hosts with their friendly personalities and undeniable passion for the conversations at hand. The podcast is also useful for smaller businesses too because the guest hosts are often those with successful startups to their names. 

Perfect for…brightening up your daily commute.

Where can you subscribe? You can visit their site here.

Highlight Episode: How to Achieve Insane Levels of Social Sharing


3. Copyblogger FM

Although it’s not specifically about marketing, hosts Sonia Simone, Darrell Vesterfelt, and Tim Stoddart have an impressive collective knowledge on a whole range of content marketing topics. Some of their previous episodes include: How To Conquer Your Fear of Selling and Are You Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes? 

You definitely should try listening to Copyblogger FM if you’re seeking advice on the world of copywriting. It’s packed with super useful information on how to create excellent copy.

The show aims to give you a peek behind the scenes of the accompanying blog that Sonia Simone runs alongside the podcast, so it’s worth checking out both to keep up-to-date and learn most from their content marketing knowledge.

Perfect for…copywriters and content creators. 

Where can you subscribe? Browse their episodes here. 

Highlight Episode: How to Get More of the Right Things Done


4. Marketing Over Coffee

Enthusiastic hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn enjoy recording this podcast in local coffee shops each week – and the vibes are very laid-back. It’s basically like you’re listening into, you guessed it, a casual chat at a coffee shop. 

But the informalities don’t mean it’s just small talk. Wall and Penn are both highly knowledgeable professionals and their insights into marketing are very enlightening. They themselves like to describe their show as ‘not newsy’. Instead they simply have a pally conversation that covers a broad spectrum of marketing topics, including both traditional methods and newer current trends.

A new episode of the show is released every Thursday, so listen in for interesting tips and tricks from two incredibly bright thought leaders.

Perfect for…a relaxing lunch or coffee break.

Where can you subscribe? You can listen here.

Highlight Episode: Now With More Women


5. Everyone Hates Marketers

Are you sick of experts preaching salesy and pushy marketing techniques? If so, Everyone Hates Marketers is the honest, no BS podcast for you. Host Louis Grenier prefers to take the upfront, non-sleazy approach to marketing that’s strictly no-funny-business. For example, there’s an episode titled How To Offend People And Create Great F*cking Content and another called Buyer Personas Need to Die of a Violent Death. Here’s Why. Enough said, right?

The show involves a lot of interviews with industry experts, and Grenier makes sure to choose the right kind of guests who share his frank views on marketing truths. It’s a super popular show too – already boasting 229 episodes and over 1 million downloads in just four years. 

Despite his unabashed swearing, unconventional views, and him not being afraid to stir up controversy, Grenier is still a specialist marketer in his own special way. Although he’ll probably prefer you didn’t call him that. 

Perfect for…when you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

Where can you subscribe? You can subscribe here.

Highlight Episode: 7 Ways to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Users


6. Marketing School

Passionate hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu are A-grade teachers with their information-packed podcast, Marketing School. Their lessons in life offer insights into what they’ve already experienced in their marketing careers – and what they might have done differently or better. 

Their wide-ranging syllabus covers the A-Z of marketing too: from SEO to social media and branding to analytics. With over 1800 episodes, Patel and Siu really do have something to teach every marketer. 

Best of all, the episodes are released every single day – and are only five to 10 minutes long, so this marketing podcast is definitely for you if you’re in need of bite-sized info nuggets that don’t leave you nodding off at the back of the classroom.

This is one class you absolutely shouldn’t skip if you want to get a top-tier marketing grade. 

Perfect for…listening to a short and sweet podcast. 

Where can you subscribe? Discover the latest episodes here.

Highlight Episode: 3 Skills You Need to Teach Your Children


7. The Marketing Book Podcast

Is listening the new reading? Well, this podcast is for you if you like to combine the world of books and podcasts. It’s centred around weekly interviews with authors/marketing experts who have written some of the bestselling marketing books which every marketer has to read at least once. Some of the titles already covered include Humanizing B2B by Paul Cash, Badvertising by Jim Morris, and Roadmap to Revenue by Kristin Zhivago.

Although it’s not necessarily a straight-to-the-point marketing podcast boasting endless tips and tricks, it does offer lots of inspiration from some of the world’s brightest marketing experts – who have wonderful stories to tell and great advice to give.

It’s also brilliantly fronted by Douglas Burdett, an intelligent marketing man of many talents – who’s also a standup comedian and former artillery officer. 

Perfect for…bookworms who love podcasts too.

Where can you subscribe? Subscribe and listen here.

Highlight episode: How to Write a Bestselling Marketing Book with Mark Schaefer


8. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Every marketer will tell you that social media is the recent past, present and fruitful future of the marketing world. So if you’re fascinated with the power of social media and want to learn how you can enhance your marketing efforts with social media tools, this podcast is absolutely for you!

Hosted by founder Michael Stelzner, the weekly show has been running since 2012 and aims to help marketers get their tight grips into the ever-evolving world of social media by keeping up-to-date with key trends. There’s a catalogue of over 450 episodes on offer, so it’s definitely worth binge-listening to this show as your new social media info resource. 

Packed full of actionable tips, insightful interviews, and plenty of expert advice that you can take on board to achieve your own social media success story. 

Perfect for…a social media whiz who wants to learn more.

Where can you subscribe? Browse all episodes here.

Highlight episode: Tik Tok Content Marketing: How to Grow Your Business With TikTok


9. Hack the Entrepreneur 

Are you full of great ideas but unsure of what to do with them? Need professional advice on how to turn your dreams into a profit-making reality? If so, Hack the Entrepreneur is the podcast to jump-start your ambitions. 

Host Jon Nastor acts as your very own business coach who provides all the tools that’ll help grow your business from the ground up – towards bigger and better things. As an experienced content marketer himself, Nastor has all the ins and outs and do’s and don’ts of becoming a marketing entrepreneur in this hugely competitive world.

Released three times a week, it centres around massively motivating feature interviews with winning business people. Nastor describes his own show as “no filler and no fluff”, so expect good and honest truth-telling on what it really takes to build a successful marketing business – and be in the big boss seat. 

Get ready to look inside yourself and find out the hard truths on what might be stopping you from finding your success.  

Perfect for…budding business people and big dreamers.

Where can you subscribe? Browse and subscribe here.

Highlight Episode: Are You Inspired or Intimidated?


10. Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield

Expert host Amy Porterfield created this podcast with small business owners in mind. The aim is to help smaller startups grow their business online – and become even more powerful through the digital marketing world. As a result, the show revolves around in-depth marketing advice that’s broken down into more manageable strategic steps that everyone and anyone can take.  

Whether the chosen episode features an interview or a selection of personal ‘how-to’ secrets, Porterfield always makes sure that she’s offering actionable plans and practical digital marketing tips that actually work. She’s informative, explanatory – and generally really lovely to listen to.

There’s one clear reason why this podcast is one of the most listened to marketing shows around…because Porterfield leaves no stone left unturned. She’s all about ensuring you see results, so make you listen up and take notes.

Perfect for…wholesome and digestible advice. 

Where can you subscribe? Subscribe and listen here.

Highlight episode: Counting Down The Hottest Strategies From OMME In 2020


11. Seeking Wisdom

Created by marketing software company Drift, Seeking Wisdom is their easy-listening podcast fronted by host David Cancel. It hits the sweet spot by being educational AND entertaining – mostly thanks to Cancel’s warm nature and 25+ years of experience in marketing. 

Perhaps the specialness of this show comes from its coverage of both the professional world and the personal lives behind suited up white-collared workers. There’s topical discussions on strategic marketing and business management but also on health, mental wellbeing, and the importance of looking after yourself as a hard-working professional. 

As the title suggests, it’s a podcast full of wisdom. Cancel sees power in remaining fundamentally human in your business endeavours – and he’s got plenty of guidance on how to stay true to yourself when striving for success. 

Perfect for…improving the human behind the entrepreneur.

Where can you subscribe? You can browse the episodes here.

Highlight episode: Fitness, Workout Routines, and Finding the Time to Get It Done


12. Call To Action

Tech-software company Unbounce hosts the annual Call To Action conference, and they’ve a weekly marketing podcast every Wednesday that runs alongside the event too. Although its last episode was back in 2017, we suggest going back to for a binge-listening session.

The content is focused around winning success stories in the digital marketing world – often through inspiring interviews with the expert marketers themselves. It’ll teach you how to apply their winning strategies to your own marketing endeavours, with emphasis put on the importance of taking action and making things happen for yourself.

With topics ranging from analytics to SEO to copywriting, Call To Action also shares actionable tips and updates you on any new marketing tools and resources that you should be using.

Perfect for…Motivating you when you’re out of ideas. 

Where can you subscribe? Take a listen here.

Highlight Episode: Beating Copywriter’s Block


13. The Hustle and Flowchart 

Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe are the podcast’s extroverted duo hosts and they’re all about having great conversations with great people. They’re outspoken, quick-witted, and absolute masters at drawing out the best stories from their guests.

Their eccentricity of course results in clever content for listeners – with the marketing topics at hand centring around how to build your online audience and turn traffic into profits. Along with anecdotes and humour, there’s always a valuable takeaway from each episode – making sure that you know how to turn the advice to your own advantage. 

Perfect for…those who don’t mind podcasts going off-script.

Where can you subscribe? Subscribe and listen here.

Highlight Episode: Travis Chappell: How to Get to Know Anyone on the Planet