Everything you need to know about sustainability copywriting

25 Apr 2023
Dean Meadowcroft

These days, companies are under the collective microscope more than ever before. As the world around us evolves, so do the consumers looking to spend their money with the right company. But what defines ‘right’ in a world where your actions can sometimes speak louder than your price tags? And how can you weave an eco-friendly narrative into content that still manages to entice, inspire, and convert? That’s where sustainability copywriting can make a world of difference to your business. 

Being a sustainable company is a powerful thing these days. Not only does it show consumers that you plan to be around for a long time, but it can also be the beating heart and conscience of your brand when done correctly – eliminating that perception of a ‘faceless evil company’ who lacks humanity. 

It’s no secret that consumers care a lot about sustainability. So, when you’re an eco-aware company, expressing that in your content can be invaluable. But when you’re looking to make a difference in the world while hitting those conversions, the content you put out can fall under even more scrutiny. 

To help you raise your brand awareness while showing off your sustainable practices, here’s everything you need to know about sustainability writing. 

What is sustainability copywriting?

It goes without saying that copywriters are a pivotal component of any long-term modern business plan. Whether establishing a clear tone of voice for your brand or building up a strong catalogue of thought leadership posts, how you convey your message matters. 

But when it comes to inspiring readers to take action, how can an eco-friendly business achieve this? And what can be done to build trust between that company and its target consumer base? 

It’s within that gap where a skilled sustainability copywriter can truly shine. By combining storytelling and conversion-focused content, customers who are passionate about environmental issues can be emotionally drawn to your business. 

The importance of sustainability copywriting

Spending money based on the social or environmental practices of a business will always be an emotional decision. Whether it’s from a moral obligation or a burning passion for everything green and planet-friendly, anyone who looks beyond your website and the best deals, in order to find the moral fibre of a company, is a potential lifelong customer just waiting to be inspired to take action. 

What are those actions? It can be anything from downloading your guide on how to compost your own garden space to buying a new product or signing a petition. Either way, from email marketing campaigns to short and sweet posts on your branded social media channels, trust isn’t earned easily for these future loyal customers. 

In other words, a sustainable copywriter can be a huge asset to your business if you’re looking to achieve any of the objectives below:

  • introduce your start-up to a new audience looking for your products and services
  • help your SME to build more momentum and exposure after making a more eco-friendly change to your everyday business practices 
  • develop trust and understanding between your company and the customers ready to embrace a sustainable brand
  • establish your company as a thought leader in your respective niche 
  • cultivate tone-of-voice guidelines for larger-scale global companies in need of a cohesive and clear eco-friendly approach to their content 
  • shape and form the narrative of your brand – tell your story effectively to consumers.

What are the benefits of sustainability copywriting?

It stands to reason that a company offering sustainable products and services would want to partner up with a sustainable copywriter to showcase its benefits better. But just in case you’re not fully convinced, here are the five main benefits of using a sustainability writer. 

  1. Save time, resources – and the planet

An eco-centric business wants to focus on crafting new products – honing in on its key messages, and implementing an effective marketing strategy. By using a sustainable copywriter, companies are able to scale back on days and hours of wasted time that could be better used on bigger-picture plans. 

Some companies have all the potential in the world at their fingertips, only to fumble when it comes to content. Persuasive and impactful sustainability copywriting that appeals to the emotions of your clients  – without feeling too pushy or sales-focused is a fine art. It can’t be done by Gina from accounts just because she likes to write in her spare time. It requires a seasoned writer who understands and appreciates your target demographics

  1. A deeper understanding of your audience

Underestimating your target audience and assuming you already understand their wants and needs can lead to dead ends, cold leads, and a lack of clarity. A big part of developing that knowledge comes from keyword research and analysing why high-ranking pages on Google are so effective. 

A significant part of good sustainability copywriting is in taking those keywords and insights on high-ranking pages and applying them to the emotions of your target audience. After all, when you can see what consumers are actively searching for online, you can begin to craft content that not only solves issues and answers questions but also inspires them to take action.  

  1. Identifying your sustainability goals

This combination of SEO knowledge and audience-focused content can all be applied towards achieving your sustainability goals. Maybe they’re small at first, or perhaps you’ve got a lofty long-term plan to be the greenest company in your respective niche in the next five years. Either way, communicating these goals creatively can make all the difference. 

A good sustainable copywriter can take the time to understand your goals and break them down into easy-to-digest and engaging content. Whether that’s done via social media posts celebrating a small milestone or thought-leadership pieces on the importance of sustainable packaging, they can be signposted through content that keeps people emotionally invested in your journey. 

  1. Blending sustainability into your brand messaging 

Your brand’s messaging is a window into your company. It needs to inform, educate, reassure, and inspire your target audience. Sound difficult to master? That’s because it is. For an eco-friendly business, this balancing act runs the risk of coming off as too pushy or greenwashing your entire website. 

Much like any strong and engaging narrative, there needs to be a carefully cultivated message that shows the heart and soul of your business. Within this framework there then needs to be clear answers and simple explanations about what makes your brand unique. An effective sustainability copywriter can take care of all of this while steering your content towards those long-term goals. 

  1. Choosing the right language and tone

Brand messaging seems to address some pretty lofty concepts that need simplification, right? But with the perfect tone of voice to accompany your branded messaging, these unique selling points can be communicated in fun, exciting, and unexpected ways. 

Do you want customers to feel reassured and supported? Would you prefer to be more colourful and outspoken, like an unapologetic rebel within your niche? Is social justice something you want to wear proudly on your brand’s sleeve? As soon as your sustainability writer has insights into your target audience, they can begin to shape your content in a voice that makes your customers take notice. 

Sustainability copywriting challenges

A sustainability copywriter will already have a good appreciation of how difficult it is to get poorly written content in front of the modern and eco-aware consumer. Today’s buyer is smart and more than savvy enough to see through companies that fail to practise what they preach. 

Generally speaking, a business can expect to encounter the following challenges in achieving effective sustainability copywriting…

Establishing trust between the company and the consumer

This may be the most important part of any good business relationship when it comes to eco-conscious customers. Having clear company values on your website is important, but how else do you show that you are a caring and empathetic company

Like all good relationships, consistent and frequent interactions work wonders here. Actively asking for feedback and showing appreciation for your community of customers can help to create trust alongside problem-solving content that guides and reassures. And never underestimate the power of a few social media posts about your fun and friendly workplace culture.


If you’re a company that uses tech innovations or provides people with the best solar panels money can buy, chances are you’ve had to write a few comprehensive explanations about them to stakeholders or boards of directors. Unfortunately, many companies forget to shed their tech-speak before they target their customers, leaving people scratching their heads at what you actually offer them. 

Remember, you’re not looking to wow customers with pointless jargon. Instead, a sustainability copywriter can focus on what matters to consumers – who you are, your values, what you offer, and how you benefit them. If you can keep it clear, concise, and consistent, you’ll be one step closer to a conversion. 

Preaching long-term but thinking short-term

If your brand has a passion for all things sustainable and eco-friendly, then putting up a few blogs about the importance of recycling and kicking back isn’t going to cut it. Sustainability is a long-term commitment that requires a lifelong dedication to achieving goals. 

Long-term plans that understand the importance of well-crafted content go hand in hand with long-term loyal customers. If you don’t appreciate how valuable this is to your brand, there’s a good chance of coming across as a company merely hopping onto a fad with short-term commitments to the cause. Not only does this damage your reputation, but you’ll lose a lot of goodwill in short succession. 

Emerging trends in sustainability copywriting

Speaking of long-term success, having a sound understanding of emerging trends can allow you to establish your brand as the front and centre of any impending change. But with sustainability copywriting, these emerging trends are focused on those very same emotions that you’re aiming to inspire in your customers.

In other words, from AI innovations and voice searches to email marketing, consumers have grown accustomed to transparent eco-brands that care. And now that precedent has been set, anything that deviates too far from that path may get lost in the shuffle. 

A forward-thinking sustainability writer should be able to help your brand focus on some of the following consumer-centric trends in eco-marketing:

  • Messaging that never loses its empathy

What are the things in the world that your business understands as unfair, and what is your product or service doing that makes a difference? 

  • Maintaining a hopeful and positive CTA 

Sustainable copywriting deals with a lot of heavy issues. Make sure there’s always light at the end of that tunnel. 

  • Content so consumers feel part of something

Example: “With every new sign-up for our service, we’re one step closer to creating a better planet for everyone. Join our cause today and be that change you want to see in the world”. 

While it may sound like things are more complicated and risky, and that consumers are more prone to look elsewhere, this has actually given companies a clear blueprint to work from. 

The impact of the more discerning and socially aware consumer is a positive thing and offers huge potential for new customers. Like all change, it’s a matter of how well you embrace this future. 

Choosing the right sustainability copywriter

By now, you’ve hopefully seen what’s at stake here and have a deeper appreciation of how precious the words you use can be in terms of establishing thought leadership, trust, and long-term business relationships. 

So, how can your company ensure that you’re using a sustainability copywriter who’s going to do all of these things for you and more? 

Below are some of the most important questions to ask before making a final decision on your sustainability writer:

  • Do they understand the value of SEO and sustainability copywriting? 
  • Do they have a proven track record of satisfied clients?
  • Can they take a complex subject and simplify it into easy-to-digest content?
  • Have they asked about how your business got started and why?
  • Has this been used to create a strong and emotionally-led brand narrative? 
  • Do they appreciate the key selling points within your niche? 

As for the sustainable copywriter, anticipate some questions back, like: your long-term goals, target audience, and the kind of brand image you’re looking to have. Knowing what makes your business stand out and accomplishments that may impress people within your niche are great ways for content writers to help you stay unique. 

Of course, you may find that your chosen sustainability writer is well aware of how to best market your non-consumptive business methods. But always be wary of anyone who hasn’t taken the time to also get to know the story behind how you got to where you are – and where you want to be. 

If you’re not getting questions that fall within these emotionally-effective areas, it may be best to stop and reconsider your potential copywriter. After all, you have a story to tell, and that story needs to be fully understood before a single word hits the page. 

Sustainability copywriting: final thoughts

Having the words to articulate just how important your product or service truly is can be the difference between success and failure these days. And when you combine strong messaging with SEO-focused content that solves problems and reassures, you’ve got the key to an unlimited amount of potential. 

And just like your sustainability initiatives, that potential will continue to pay off for your business, your customers, and the planet as a whole for today and tomorrow. Why? Because sustainability copywriting also helps you to better understand the future by remaining one step ahead – all while cultivating a stronger relationship with your consumers. 

Caring about the wellbeing of the environment and your own bottom line is nothing to be ashamed of. Finding a content solution for these needs isn’t easy, but you can save your company a great deal of time and effort by looking in the right places. 

At writefully, we believe that SEO, compelling storytelling, and human insight can accomplish anything. Our values have always been rooted in collaboration, care for the work we produce, and kindness. When you combine this with some good old-fashioned hard work, we’re pretty proud of the success stories we continue to share with our clients. 

For sustainable brands, this means having the opportunity to sit back and let us handle every content need, or be an integral part of the input and planning. Either way, you’ll be confident that you’re on the best possible path for your brand – with a company that shares those same core values.

Got a story but don’t quite have the words? We’re ready to help you tell it. Contact us today and make that first step in your sustainability chapter.