Inspire, engage and convert: 50 words that sell

26 Jan 2023

Is there anything that words can’t accomplish? Whether it’s through letters that have inspired revolutions, rousing political speeches, or tearful conclusions to our favourite books, the terms we use can be beautiful, impactful, and when it comes to words that sell – influential. 

But this isn’t a matter of throwing words at the wall and hoping for the best. Any business looking to gain new clients through content needs more than just a thesaurus and some good intentions. Implementing advertising words that sell is a surgical process – requiring careful consideration. 

And it’s not just about the word itself. Your sentence needs to flow like a symphony, then hit like an emotional sledgehammer.

How to use words that sell

Effectively implementing words that sell requires a good understanding of your brand, and the ability to look beyond your own perspective. If you can do that, then you’re on the way to weaving sentences that are inspiring, persuasive, and conversion focused. 

Now that we know how to weave some positive sales words into our content, let’s choose  some of the ripest ones to achieve our desired results. As marketing psychology has shown us, the right words can completely change your business. Let’s see why. 

Power words that sell and inspire action 

Power words are often mistaken for loud and aggressive words. This is particularly true in marketing – how many ‘LOOK AT US, WE MAKE NOISES’ campaigns have you seen this year alone? 

While it can be fun to be a little brash in your marketing now and then, a constant stream of noise will get you nowhere. If you’re using power words for sales that are always set to the highest volume, people will eventually cover their ears. 

  1. now

The most commonly used of all sales words, the term immediately creates urgency. Consider the power this word wields, and use it sparingly – preferably at the end of a sentence. 

  1. direct

Advertising words that sell don’t have to be flowery. Some are no-nonsense. Black or white. Yes or no. Up or down. The word is decisive, which is precisely what you want when inspiring action in a client – whether it’s contacting you directly, or direct shipping of your product. 

  1. experience 

Some words just put you at the front and centre of a journey – even the buyer’s one! This word radiates activity and feeling an itch that needs to be scratched. 

  1. take

Again, it comes down to how you place this word within your sentence. Use the term to inspire someone into grasping that unmissable opportunity.

  1. discover 

Sales words that work effectively pull the reader into action – without them even realising it. Suddenly a client isn’t being spoken to, but spoken with. 

  1. harness 

A word that just seems to encompass positive energy, and capturing some kind of power within their grasp. 

  1. fast 

The way we respond to words is fascinating, especially with sales trigger words like this – where a reader feels the need to respond in kind, and make a quick decision.

  1. imagine 

Power words for sales can present an outline that readers will fill in themselves with their own feelings, experiences, and goals. Terms like ‘imagine’ put the emphasis on the buyer to picture themselves with your product or using your service. 

  1. we

You’re instantly connecting the reader with your content – and therefore, your business. ‘We’ sparks rapport, and a unified stance. They’re not just a reader, they’re a part of the team. 

  1. you 

Most importantly of all, remember that at the heart of it all needs to be a focus on the customer. Positive sales words need to establish the buyer as the hero in their own story. 

Example: Imagine content that converts clients – fast. Together we can harness your potential and make your brand stand out. It’s time to take that next step. When? The choice is yours. You decide your future – but don’t miss the chance to make a difference. Experience a brave new world of content marketing. The world is waiting. Act now. 

Don’t forget – it’s not about how dynamic and action-packed your business is. It’s about inspiring the reader to take action through your dynamic language. That’s what converts. 

Sales words that reassure 

People are sceptical of marketing – it’s perfectly understandable. We’ve all been burned by poor customer service or a shoddy product. Don’t lose sight of keeping your reader safe. Think of them as pieces of paper in the eye of a hurricane. One sudden move and they’re lost forever

Comforting a client requires sentences that flow softly and are padded with the right words at pivotal moments.

Instead of using an example sentence here, let’s use these reassuring words below as an overall narrative, and observe how we can lead, support and reassure. 

  1. guide

Concerned about how to reassure clients while using sales words to win them over? You’re in good hands with us. Let’s take a look at reassuring words together with our short and sweet guide. 

  1. safety 

Through words like this, we establish that a reader’s safety – whether it’s personal safety, digital security, or property coverage is a priority. 

  1. proven 

Of course, your client still has worries. So, let’s use this term alongside some facts or statistics to put their minds at ease. 

  1. easy 

And now we assure them that it couldn’t be easier to get the benefits of this product or service. Why has your business made it so easy for them?

  1. understand 

Because you understand how difficult it can be – you empathise with them. This word makes your reader feel less isolated and gives them a look into the human aspect of your brand.  

  1. simple

Do you need sales words that work well, but reassure at the same time? Simple. One word in the right place can soothe a hundred worries in a reader. 

  1. official

It’s only natural to worry about where you spend your money. So use words like ‘official’ to exude a safe authority in your content that doesn’t scare off clients. 

  1. protected 

There’s always the chance of a customer backing out of giving you their business with a classic case of ‘but what if’. So, be sure to make them aware that they’re protected in the event of any ‘what if’ scenario. Leave no room for them to worry. 

  1. Support 

The best sales words for reassuring clients are padded with terms like this. We want your readers to feel supported each and every step of the way. 

  1. helpful 

And of course, finally, never let them forget that if they do have any worries, you’re there. Always. Your helpful team is just a click away. 

Padding your content with the above words removes worries quickly – leaving the focus on that all-important conversion. Don’t forget, it’s okay to discuss worries and issues within your industry. As long as you immediately establish your brand as the solution to this problem.

Words that sell something new 

Build that buzz. Let a crowd gather and make a statement.

With words that sell something new and exciting, here’s how we can implement these terms – not in an example sentence, but as an announcement.

  1. announcing 

Sales words that can immediately feel like an event in just a few syllables are rare. This is one of those words. Try just saying it out loud…people stop what they’re doing and take notice!

  1. introducing 

The debut of anything has a freshness to it. Use this word once – near the start of your content, and keep all eyes glued to what’s coming next. 

  1. latest 

Establish to clients that they’re witnessing – or better yet, a part of something new and up-to-date. They won’t want to be left behind.

  1. state-of-the-art 

Your new product or service is the best of the best. Place this term within a sentence – establishing how it’ll make their lives easier.

  1. unique 

Words that sell new items well are unique. So why not get that word in your content? You’ll stand out from your competitors – and tell people that you’re offering something exciting, original, and useful. 

  1. upgraded

Very effective when acknowledging a common customer issue or complaint with previous products that’ve been improved upon. ‘Upgrade’ implies you’re offering more. 

  1. cutting-edge 

An exciting announcement needs some words that sell, but also feel that powerful. This term is especially effective for technology marketing or industrial products. However, avoid when making content for healthcare – or wellbeing advancements. 

  1. advanced 

This word pulls the customer into the future – keeping them at the forefront of your industry. 

  1. innovative 

Whether improving on an existing formula or creating something completely new, this word establishes a revolutionary change or a ‘eureka’ moment that demands attention. 

  1. modern 

While some may feel that this term is a little dated, it’s the perfect grounding word for a powerful sentence. The modern world/modern methods have changed, and your new product helps customers to keep up with these changes.

Sales words that are immersive 

Words that sell through immersive and sensory means can plant the seeds of something truly fascinating in your reader. With the right content, you can put thoughts and feelings in motion, then step back and let them relay the experience in their head.

If you hit on the right emotional notes, customers will soon feel like they’ve come to conclusions themselves. 

Creating a world in just a few sentences is difficult – so play on the sensory aspects of words. The smell of fresh croissants in France. The feel of soft carpet on bare feet in a luxury hotel. The rush of wind against the face on an exciting adventure weekend. 

  1. embrace 

Positive sales words like this manage to blend comfort with the acceptance of changes. This is particularly effective when encouraging a reader to take what they’d consider a risk. 

  1. join

This simple word brings such a powerful feeling of belonging that it places the reader into a group, and offers acceptance in their minds. 

  1. feel 

The best sales words can be adapted to any sentence. With ‘feel’, you’re covering huge emotions with minimum effort. Do you feel let down? Do you feel like no one understands? Feel the incredible power of our new product. Feel the warm summer air against your skin and take a trip with us. 

  1. see 

This word is like a light switch for the mind’s eye. When someone tells you to see yourself on a beach, cocktail in hand and the ocean kissing your toes, you’re almost involuntarily there before you know it. 

  1. believe 

Some people use this word to encourage faith in their business – this is a misstep. Use the word where it fits best – telling your customers what your brand believes in. Establish your values through and readers will feel connected to your content. 

  1. surging 

A useful replacement for the word ‘spreading’ – which you want to avoid using – good old COVID. 

  1. enchanting 

For an immersive reaction that inspires buying a last-minute romantic getaway – or something that offers a little extra dazzle. 

38: stand-out 

People consider themselves individuals, so terms like ‘stand-out from the crowd’ will always stroke the part of the brain that places readers as the hero of their own life story. 

  1. celebrate 

You’re channelling the feeling of having accomplished something – the need to celebrate an achievement. A positive and immersive feeling. 

  1. journey 

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Our minds immediately associate the word ‘journey’ with excitement, thrills, and a destination. With the right framing, you can set your brand up as the first step in something life-changing. 

Present these elements well and let the reader join the dots. Those conversions will flow, and the reader will be certain that it was their decision, and that your content was barely a factor in their choice. 

Words that sell through exclusivity  

Power words that sell aren’t always about being loud and bombastic. Sometimes, it’s about adding a little class into your sentences. And no, that doesn’t mean lifting your pinky finger while you type. 

Exclusive sales words offer the sophistication that some customers want in their products and services. Spread these words delicately across your content like fine caviar – and your business will soon be seen as elite. 

  1. indulgent 

Words that sell through exclusivity should purr softly in the reader’s ear, and gently coax them into feeling special. Indulge yourself – because life is too short. 

  1. limited 

FOMO (fear of missing out) doesn’t have to be obvious. If you’ve constructed your sentence well, the reader will see this word and refuse to be someone without one of these potentially rare products. 

  1. custom-made

A term that gives the ultimate feel of exclusivity – combining the personal touch, with the feel of luxury. 

  1. finest

You’re bringing customers the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. Why? Because your clients are special and deserve the very best. 

  1. deluxe 

Words that sell don’t just provide a product or service – they sell a lifestyle. An experience that not everyone can afford. ‘Deluxe’ exudes high class and sophistication. 

  1. lush 

Particularly useful when describing taste: a rich, lush piece of gourmet chocolate cake, or for immersing the reader in a place of beauty: the tranquil and lush surroundings of a private cabin in the mountains. 

  1. flourishing

Like a softer, classier counterpart to words like ‘spreading’ (we mean it – we want you to succeed – don’t use this word anymore). This is one of those positive sales words that radiate growth. 

  1. luxurious

The sales word that’s probably most associated with the exclusive feel. The mind’s eye of a reader immediately has an image of richness. 

  1. lavish 

Especially powerful when used in the context of a fine dining experience or an exclusive party – lavishness is an all-encompassing word for the finer things in life. 

  1. breathtaking 

Sales trigger words like this plant the seeds of a once-in-a-lifetime view or event. Link the word with an exclusive holiday and the surrounding views, or anything that’s visually pleasing. 

Example:  Do you want your clients to feel lavished by five-star content that’s crystal clear in its message? For a limited time, we’re offering the kind of literary luxuries that’ll spoil your appetite for the finest things in life. Go ahead and indulge yourself. After all, not everyone can enjoy the deluxe lifestyle that we provide. Be our guest – lie back in the lushness of our exclusive event. 

The psychology of words is a rich tapestry that’s both incredibly powerful and fragile all at once. Implement these words well, and you’re converting with ease. Use them poorly and your entire brand can become tarnished with just the tap of a few keys on a laptop.