3 content conversion hacks

25 May 2022
Dean Meadowcroft

If you had to list the most important thing in developing a good relationship between business and customer, what would it be? 

Take a moment to consider the impact that words have on the world. Throughout history– for better or worse, the right words when put together in the right way have changed history. 

No matter how far advancements in technology take marketing, it’ll always be content that converts people from potential browsers to paid-up customers. 

With so many innovations and tools to offer insights into a consumers’ point of view, there’s never been

a more exciting time to own a business. The playing field is fair. The audience is well-documented. The potential is within reach. 

So, why is good content marketing still a rarity? Use our three marketing tips for creating content that converts, and find the ultimate combination of good content marketing and cutting-edge technology.

Content hack one: inspire

Content creation tips are intended to inspire you. So why not take that inspiration and channel it into your business?

What are you proudest of when it comes to your company? What sets you apart? What’s that grain of individuality within your industry? When you find it, grab a reader’s attention through stimulating language. Combine that inspiring wordplay with the research on what a customer’s main problems or needs are – then establish your brand as a potential solution.

Content hack two: empathise

Content marketing tips often overlook a small but universal emotion that everyone on the planet can relate to – empathy. 

Hack one has given us the problems and needs of customers – so let’s address them in our marketing. The fundamentals of making content that converts often lay in the most basic of human expressions. Explain that you understand and share their worries, concerns and frustrations. Create that kinship between your business and your customers. 

Content hack three: clarify 

The glue that holds your content, branding and business together – clarity. Marketing hacks and content writing tips don’t always need to be revolutionary. The human touch has never been more necessary in marketing, so find yours and watch the conversions pile up.

We’ve inspired browsers…we’ve created that connection with them, and made them feel understood. Now it’s time to explain in simple, concise language how your product and service is the answer to their problems.

While some content tips may try to make you believe that you can bottle human emotions and instantly sell a million more units, you know the truth. You know your business better than anyone and have no doubt experienced just how difficult it is to win over modern consumers. 

But you can appeal to undeniable universal emotions, and hone them into a concise message that guides, reassures, and finally converts.

With the right technology, a good business has the potential to endure  – but if there’s no motivating factor, no beating heart within the giant machine of your marketing strategies, you’ll always be within inches of obtaining conversions. And miles apart from the emotional deciding factors in peoples’ spending choices.