7 simple tricks for nurturing your inner writer

25 Aug 2022

We’re firm believers that there’s a writer inside of every single one of us – and that inner writer needs nurturing. 

Looking after your mind, body, and soul is vital for staying on top of your game. Some days the words come to us off the top of our heads – other days require patience and a little more brain power.  That’s when you know it’s time to refresh your skills and give some well-needed TLC to your inner writer. 

After all, a healthy state of mind = fantastic writing. 

So take note of our seven simple tricks that every writer needs to start practising more.  

  • Establish a healthy work routine

Staying on track with deadlines and to-dos is tricky on bad days when writer’s block hits. So help your mind and body get into the natural rhythm of things by sticking to a daily work routine. It’s the small things that make a big difference – like a 20-minute HIIT workout, a quick meditation at lunch – even just brushing your teeth in the morning.

  • Read every single day

Reading and writing come hand in hand. Usually, the best writers are keen readers. But don’t put pressure on yourself to read a novel each week, little and often will do – like a brief scan of the newspaper headlines each morning, or a chapter or two of a book every night before bed.

  • Dissect the pieces of writing you admire

Whether it’s a new blog you like following or a social media profile that you think is cool, find what you love reading the most and analyse how it’s written. You can do this by highlighting sentences, phrases, or words that stick out – then applying these elements and techniques to your own work. 

  • Become a ruthless editor

Number one rule for editing? If you’re in doubt whether something fits – scrap it. Don’t be afraid to eliminate sentences – even whole paragraphs. The end result always works out best.

  • Write in different places 

Your inner writer runs on motivation and inspiration – and sometimes the four walls of your same-old office simply don’t do the trick. That’s when it’s probably time to head outside or find another spot in the home/office to work from. You’ll gain a fresh perspective that gets you out of that stagnant thinking.

  • Expand your social circle

Writing can be a pretty introverted lifestyle, so make time to socialise. Just like new places inspire creative thinking, people can too. Perhaps it’s time that your inner writer made some new friends? Consider joining a community group or even chatting in an online forum. 

  • Be kind to yourself

Your first draft will never be perfect – but also remember that you are your own harshest critic – which can work both for and against you. While it’s good to work on weaknesses, self-care is important too. So reign in your critiquing eye whenever your self-esteem starts to dwindle. Forgive your own mistakes and give yourself time to learn and grow at a steady, realistic pace.

Being an ‘awesome’ writer not a ‘perfect’ one is the goal. 

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