• UserQ is the parent company to UAE’s leading UX agency, Digital of Things (DOT). 

    It’s their tech-savvy child: a remote user research platform built by UXers for UXers.

    UserQ facilitates remote research in a way that’s never been seen before in this culturally-rich region – enabling UXers to create tests that produce rapid results, actionable data insights and validate findings.

    UserQ is MENA’s first online user testing tool.

    The tools can also be used at any stage along the development journey, from planning to execution to post-development analysis – empowering MENA-based managers, designers, marketers and more to test with local testers in their preferred language. 

    Our mission? We joined the UserQ crew right at the start of the content creation, so our work began with brand positioning and strategy, then came writing website copy from scratch as well as crafting launch emails and social microcopy. 

    We were upfront and centre with all the action of UserQ.

  • Having already worked together, all of our efforts went into continuing to strengthen this blooming relationship. 

    Everything we’ve ever created for both DOT and UserQ has been grounded in collaboration and a watertight understanding of their brand, expertise, and the first-rate tools they’ve built for the unique needs of the MENA region.

    For the website copy specifically, the approach was simple: explain the technical aspects of their platform in an easy-to-follow way. 

    We also created comprehensive tool guides, packaged similarly, but with an even bigger focus on digestible and ultra-readable nuggets. Technical explanations needed to be light and foolproof – ready for all types of businesses coming to the site for fast, no-fuss research data. 

    UserQ’s platform is dedicated to helping brands become more user-friendly so it was our responsibility to make the site itself 100% user-friendly too. And we considered UserQ’s diverse and super-cosmopolitan audience every step of the way. 

    In fact, it continues to be absolutely paramount that the platform is an accessible and inclusive tool for a wide range of audiences, nationalities, ethnicities, and languages. The key? Writing in an all-embracing style and manner, and never failing to spot potential cultural blunders. 

  • Turns out we were bang on the money with our content – because DoT loved our work. 

    We’ve since been providing UserQ with ongoing content packages, including topical blogs, client success stories, and a monthly email newsletter. 

    Even better times are ahead.

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