Sehaa Online

  • Sehaa Online is a multi-vendor marketplace that not only sells high-quality home medical equipment such as mobility aids and bed frames, but also offers expert healthcare advice through one-to-one assessments, product determination, and after-sale services. 

    In other words, they’re a deeply caring company that distributes products with a compassionate responsibility to look after its customers and provide them with a better life. 

    They’re leading the way for life-changing medical equipment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many other cities in the UAE and surrounding MENA region. 

    The e-commerce market is already booming across all sorts of industries these days, so our job was to simply help Sehaa settle into their position as the UAE’s #1 medical equipment provider even more so. 

    One of the best ways to do this was to showcase some of the many successes they’ve had…

  • Our work with Sehaa Online began with interviewing a number of their most loyal customers to hear directly from them about how the company has helped improve the quality of their daily lives. 

    After being good listeners, we then shaped their real-life experiences into customer success stories that showcased just how remarkable Sehaa Online’s work is for its customers. This includes a man named Ferhan, who we were personally inspired by, after hearing all about the amazing strength he had while becoming the primary caregiver for his mother. 

    We were also tasked with a spot of SEO work – which we just can’t stay away from! This involved creating a whole range of technical product descriptions. For these, we meshed together the art of engaging copy with SEO keywords to boost their rankings for relevant Google searches.

  • Sehaa Online are super pleased with the content that we have created – and Ferhan’s unique story is now live on their blog. 

    Best of all, we feel honoured to have been the ones who got to listen to his story and share it with others. 

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