• Online dating magazine Miingle was looking to target people in various stages of their dating life. From singles, couples going through break-ups and those in relationships. They were looking for help in getting their content to rank for Google as well as increase their website traffic.

  • With such a broad topic like dating, we decided that creating impressive WOW content of over 3,000 words was the best way to get this client’s content seen. So, we created a calendar of bespoke topics with carefully targeted keywords. We wanted the content to be engaging and unique, so we spent additional time researching the topics and creating bespoke designs to make it stand out.

  • We have created many successful blogs for this client, however, this blog ‘14 of the Best Sites to Video Chat With Girls’ was particularly successful. Making its way to the top of Google within just 3 weeks of going live.

    • #1 on Google for the main keyword within a month
    • Highest organic blog traffic
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