Larkspur Events & Dining

  • Renowned first-rate weddings and events venue: Larkspur is located in Vail, Colorado. 

    With their stunning mountainside setting and skills in providing extraordinary guest experiences, they cater for all sorts of memorable occasions and events – from birthdays to weddings to corporate functions. 

    After working with Larkspur for over a year producing blog content, our attention turned to their social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

    Our challenge was to take control of these pages across their business year and manage the production of seasonal social content. This involved reviewing what content already existed and thinking of new ways they could better use their leading industry voice. 

    With such a substantial audience already following and admiring their posts, we aimed to keep momentum going and up the volume of content being created and distributed, across all three of the main social profiles.

  • We amplified their voice – rather than drastically change it. 

    Working closely with Larkspur’s marketing team, we made sure we understood exactly why they post such informative and inspiring content. Our research was grounded in what would work perfectly for Larkspur, as a one-of-a-kind events destination. And it was important that we kept their posts unique.

    Larkspur’s content already focused on keeping guests engaged with the venue. So, we decided Pinterest and Facebook would remain a place to share wedding tips and ideas, while Instagram would continue to showcase snapshots from past weddings and celebrations. 

    Our writefully copywriters produced two posts a week per social page. We took over the entire social media production line – from topic ideation all the way to scheduling and publishing. Our monthly content creation included:

    • Overseeing the general running of their profiles.
    • Identifying creative topics to post about (i.e national holidays or company offers).
    • Sourcing the best images from their gallery of thousands.
    • Writing engaging microcopy.
    • Optimising posts with tags and keywords. 
    • Scheduling and publishing content.
  • We exceeded Larkspur’s expectations with our ability to collaborate well. Our monthly content plans continue to be green-lighted and posted across their profiles to thousands of followers.

    All three social media profiles have seen an increase in following too – with a constant stream of interactivity and post engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. In particular, Pinterest saw a significant rise in monthly impressions, pin clicks, and outbound clicks. The profile’s monthly audience peaked at 3.2k. 

    We didn’t  just maintain their reputation as Vail’s leading destination for dining and events, but enhanced and embellished it.

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