Elizabeth Rider

  • Elizabeth Rider is a certified health coach and long-time lifestyle blogger. 

    Her mission is to inspire, educate, and enable modern women to seek their healthiest, happiest lives. How? By providing articles, online education, and resources to support them. There are countless ways to eat well and live well – Elizabeth encourages people to remain curious and embrace change as they grow and evolve in life and health.

    Elizabethrider.com exists to support people as they walk the path of finding out what works best for them. Most readers see Elizabeth as a person a few steps ahead of them on their health journey – she’s there to answer questions and bring an overall sense of peace. 

    Our challenge was to create engaging content for Elizabeth on a regular basis – for her already established audience. All blog posts needed to be authentic – with the same flair and zest that Elizabeth conveys. 

  • Our first port of call – SEO. With every copy brief comes an SEO outline to guide our writer. This guarantees crafted content that’s structured and tells a wonderful story – but most importantly, is actually read. 

    Crafting two blogs per month, we approached the topics in an efficient manner – with turnaround times typically around three days. 

    Our goal was to advise Elizabeth’s trusted platform on topics such as healthy eating, new recipes, and meal planning – with the aim of encouraging them to embrace a healthy diet. Some of the top blogs that executed this successfully were ‘Ideas for Healthy Meal Prep’ and a how-to article on ‘How to Make Almond Milk’. 

    Our psychology-based content aimed to assist readers with valuable mental insights and explored aspects like relationships and interpersonal interaction. Blog posts on topics such as ‘Intuitive Eating’ and ‘Toxic Positivity’ aimed to explore healthy aspects, and unpacked concepts associated with diet and truly valuable social interaction. 

  • We’ve successfully produced a wonderful collection of blogs for Elizabeth Rider – through our subscription service. Blogs that covered healthy living with valuable insights to promote SEO and drive traffic to Elizabeth Rider’s page. 

    Our blogs and content ideation always kept in line with the articles and advice that Elizabeth conveys on her site. Through effective and positive collaboration, we achieved everything that we set out to do. 

    Subsequently, Elizabeth has found an internal writer, but she said how much she loved our working partnership. 

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