Dr. Anil

  • Dr. Anil is a cosmetic physician specialising in anti-ageing medicine and cosmetic dermatology. He’s an internationally-recognised expert in his field, with over 20 years of experience changing the lives of his patients from the inside out. 

    He’s most notably known for his prowess in acne/acne scar treatment, which has already earned him spotlight features on shows like Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. 

    With Dr. Anil being such a trusted name in London’s skin and wellness scene, writefully’s challenge was to take his already-existing influence in the world of wellness and give it digital power. 

    After all, Dr Anil’s portfolio is worth boasting about.

  • With a mission to boost Dr Anil’s online visibility, we set our sights on creating first-rate content for two digital channels: his main website and his Instagram page. 

    For the website, we turned our attention to creating a variety of SEO blogs. The key was to highlight both his breadth of knowledge and the exciting treatments he offers – the likes of derma fillers, chemical peels, and nutraceuticals all being very much on trend these days.

    For his Insta, we polished up his profile’s aesthetic with new brand colours and smart and classy designs – particularly for carousels that were packed with topical info nuggets that would catch the eye of his followers. 

    The key here was to up the ante on Dr. Anil’s social savviness and amplify his voice in the wellness world. 

    We also put together some super-engaging newsletters based around a whole host of different topical wellness issues, such as: ‘A guide to scene-scarring treatments’ and ‘Discover the power of nutraceuticals’. These monthly mailings were a chance to promote the blogs that we crafted and boost their readership.

  • Dr. Anil’s Instagram now not only looks the part, but is a much more valuable place for his audience to come and learn from his impressive repertoire of wellness knowledge. 

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