Better Waste Solutions

  • Better Waste are a commercial waste and collection company who were looking for help with creating content that engages their audience and grows their SEO traffic. They were looking to get their content in front of people who were not only cost-conscious but also believe in a more environmentally friendly waste solution.

  • We wanted to showcase Better Waste’s USPs, which is why we focused on what makes them stand out from the competition. Our main approach was to establish them as thought-leaders in the industry and to really highlight their expertise. One of our focuses was advising their target audience. This helps us get their content and products in front of the people who need them most.

  • We have created many successful blogs and content for Better Waste Solutions. One that stands out is the ‘How Often Should Waste be Removed from the Food Production Areas’ blog that used specific keywords aimed at restaurant and hospitality businesses. This performed incredibly well. Within weeks it was at the top of Google. In fact, it is now their highest-trafficked page after their homepage!

    • Top-ranked within 2 weeks
    • Second highest ranking page in just weeks
    • Position #1 within 2 months
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