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the sunshine to writefully



Neil is our founder and CEO. When he’s not pursuing his next venture or thinking up ways to delight our customers, you’ll find him running around his two kids!


Creative Director

Rachael is a tone of voice queen. When she’s not sprinkling her words of wisdom, she’s swimming in the sea, soaking up all those endorphins. Complete with a vintage headscarf, of course.


Head of SEO & Projects

Sveta is a copywriter turned SEO expert. When she’s not trying to make friends with Google, she’s spending her free time salsa dancing or spending time outdoors.


Head of Studio Operations

Lucy, aka ‘the process master’ is always on hand to support the team doing great things. When she’s not configuring a new feature, she’s finding the best local food spots to feast in!


Design & Social Media Manager

Soraya is all about the detail. When she’s not posting on Insta or designing our email newsletter, she’s reaching for a strong cup of coffee.


SEO Strategist

Meet Racquel, former banker turned SEO apprentice. When she's not immersed in collaborating with clients and optimising their content, she's unwinding with her family on delightful out-of-town escapades.


Customer Success Manager

Arielle is always on top of everything as our CSM. When she’s not coordinating with the team or our clients, she likes to take walks at the beach or parks while listening to her favourite tunes.


Account Director

Dipna is our super organised Account Director. When she’s not planning or finding our next project, she’s enjoying spending time with her two children.


Community Manager

Driven by her passion for design and marketing, Prerna has evolved into a creative changemaker. Her innovative approach is not just about ideas, but about fostering collaborative communities. Prerna's work not only sparks change but also cultivates a spirit of community and collective growth.

our company values

we’re contributors: everyone plays their part
we’re respectful: speak freely but also listen
we’re kind: a team who understands each other

our blooming brilliant brand manifesto